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I Will Revive Your Old Gift
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"I Will Revive Your Old Gift"

My dear one, for many years I had you operate in a certain gift, but then I had you lay this gift down for a season while I purified, prepared, and pruned you to be able to bear more and better fruit. Although you did not understand why all of the sudden you did not feel like operating in your old familiar gift, you did in fact obey and lay it down, but now the day has come to revive this old gift, so be willing to take it back up again.

I will not only be reviving this old gift, but I will also enhance it far beyond what it was before, because now you have completed all the work necessary on the foundation of your life for me to bring a greater anointing upon it. I will reveal Myself through your gift like never before, and heaven will pour through it upon the earth around everyone near it. This is what you have longed for because this is what I have longed for through you.

Do not be afraid to pick this old gift back up again, because I will pour a fresh grace upon it as you do. I will fellowship closely with you through your gift and we will walk in a much greater intimacy together because a much wider channel of communication has now been opened up for you. So My love, take up your old gift and I will breathe new life into it. I will revive your old gift and make it new and wonderful for all to enjoy.