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I will breathe new life into your vision
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I Will Breathe New Life Into Your Vision

My dear precious Child, I know you are weary, I know you feel like there is no strength or faith left in you to believe again in the words and vision I have spoken to you so long ago. I know you have seen many false starts, and then you see what little that seems to get built fly away before your disappointed eyes. You have become discouraged and despondent, and now you sit too weak to stand up even one more time. Now in your weakness and your inability, you will see that I am able to breathe new life into the vision that I have given you, and that there is nothing you can do in your own strength to ever create or generate what I have called you to do. You will see and believe that all your strength and all your ability comes only from My strength and My ability.

Even as Joseph lay in the dark prison after so long, you too have waited in your time of loneliness and isolation, and you have said "what's the use in all this, it always comes to nothing", but I would tell you this day, that I have wrought a death in you, so that My new life can be breathed into you. And even as Joseph finally gave up his striving and surrendered to my sovereignty, now you have come to the end of your striving and plans. Now you will see that like Joseph, My power and words, can also take you from the prison to the palace, in just a day. I would call you this day, to trust in who I Am, and in My heart of love. I Am the same God that sought you out and saved you. I Am the same God that filled you with My Spirit, and set you before my people to minister My words to them. I Am the same God who has never left your side, not even for a second, during this long period of purification, and transformation.

I have pruned you down to the roots, so that I could heal you at the root level. I needed every area of your heart and life examined and exposed, so that there would be no area or place of weakness that the enemy could exploit once I began to move you forward in greater power and anointing. Even as Joseph trusted in who I Am, I want you to trust that I am able to bring new life into that which seems as though it is utterly dead. Do not look at the desolation of your wilderness, but rather look at what I have changed in you without the normal distractions of life. Look at the stability of character you now have, and look at My heart that has been fully formed in you. Even now, My breath is blowing, and what you thought was dead will now thrive with new life. Even now, new rains of my Spirit are beginning to fall upon the dry ground you thought was too far gone to ever bear fruit again. You are My secret weapon hidden for this day and this hour, trust in Me, and know that you have overcome through My subtle daily workings.