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I Will Bless you Financially
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I Will Bless you Financially

To my precious child in whom I delight and call "Friend". Over the years I have taught you much about walking in faith for all your needs by restricting you financially and by putting you into positions where you absolutely needed a miracle from me to meet your needs. I also taught you to receive from those with less than you, and to give to those with more than you, which created humility and exposed any hidden pride concerning your motives for giving and receiving. Although you got scared when I did not do some things in the way or the timing that you thought I should, you still persevered and determined to trust in me no matter what to wait upon me for my manna, and to not turn back to Egypt for your provision. Faith comes through need.

Now we have entered into a new time and a new day where I am calling you to sow once again, for you are now entering into your promised land of abundance that I promised you so long ago, but you must be obedient and keep your eyes upon me as I bless and increase you financially. The day of just enough is over, and now I will give you more than enough to live on and to meet the needs of others. I would call you to meet the needs of many in a time of soon coming famine just like my servant Joseph did in Egypt long ago. I would call you to make a place for all I will send to you and to not only meet their needs financially, but especially spiritually. The focus must remain upon me and the message that my kingdom and salvation have come for all people.

It delights me to bless you my child and I will keep all the words and promises I have spoken to you so long ago. I do this not only to meet your needs, but also to vindicate you and to make you an example to many who want to receive from me. I will give you an increase and then see how you respond to it so that you have time to adjust to it, then I will give you more and more as you are obedient and responsible with what I place into your hands. Remember that all things come from my hand and I give them to whom I will. Freely you have received, so freely give. Remember the poor and needy and do not allow the wolves to devour that which I have entrusted to you. Allow yourself to believe again my child, and fan into flame the old promises I have given to you to bless you, because in not too many days you will see my miracles.