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I Just Can't Do This Anymore!
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"I Just Can't Do This Anymore!"

My dear one, I know that you are weary and I have heard you say "I just can't do this anymore!", but I would tell you this day to hang on because I will indeed be breaking through very soon on your behalf. This is a time where you will just have to trust in who I am alone because everything else around you will tell you to doubt and to give up. Even My servant Job went through such tests but He found strength in Me.

Think back and remember all of the times that I have helped you. Did I give up on you then? No I didn't, so why would I give up on you now? I would not. Your faith must rest in my faithfulness and not in what I do or don't do for you. You must trust Me all of the time and not just part of it. When you are weary spend time with me rather than repeating what evil spirits are whispering into your ears and your faith will increase.

Many wonderful and exciting things lay just ahead for you so continue to trust Me all the way up to their revealing rather than feeling ashamed that you grumbled before they came. I love you dearly and I am with you. I told you that I would never leave you and I will not. This is a new day for you My child and you are beginning a whole new exciting part of your life. Continue to trust in Me to the end and you will be blessed.