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"I Am Who I Said I Am"

My dear one, you have reached a place in the road where you feel like you are ready to drop and that I have abandoned you. I have not. I am still with you just as much now as ever even though you do not see Me doing what you think I should be doing right now. I would tell you this day to continue to put your trust in Me because I am still completely aware of your needs and problems and they will be taken care of at the proper time in the proper way. Always know my love that I Am who I said I am.

Like John the Baptist in prison, his circumstances were screaming at him to doubt me and the evil one whispered in his ear that I had abandoned him, but I sent people back to tell him that I am who I said I am, and this day I am doing the same thing for you. You must hang on to who you know that I Am this day my dear one for surely you will be released from your prison of pain and need very soon so hang on and do not give up or give in to sin. Know that I love you dearly and that help is on the way.