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I Am Still With You
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"I Am Still With You"

My dear one, I have seen you worrying about many things these days, and because you have not felt My presence as much as usual lately, you have been wondering whether I am still with you as much as before, and I would tell you this day, "I am still with you". I have just been weening you off of some of the usual outside things so that you will begin to come closer and seek Me on the inside through a much deeper and more intimate time of prayer.

Like My friend Martha in My word, you have allowed yourself to become very distracted by many outside problems and needs, but also like her, the answer to all that you seek can be found while sitting at My feet. I understand that you have not found prayer that rewarding in the past, but I want to lead you into a more intimate and satisfying way of communicating with Me where you can hear My voice more clearly and distinguish My voice from all others.

I would call you this day to cease your striving and struggling, and to just come before Me and pray. Worship Me and be willing to listen more and I will indeed speak to you. Allow Me to cleanse you from all sin, and repent of anything that could block your fellowship with Me. My heart is to restore and empower you, so come with just the desire of knowing Me more and I will meet with you. So doubt no longer My love, because I am still very much with you.