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I Am Perfecting You
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I Am Perfecting You

So many are feeling down. It is then that they are more susceptible to the
attacks of the enemy. If they would only call out to Me, I would come to
them and take away their pain. I long to hold them close to My breast. They lash out at others, even those close to them, because they are in despair, and hurting, and it causes them to see things in a negative manner. They lash out at others, because they don't know how to handle their pain.

Forgive readily, My children. Don't hold onto the pain and hurt, but call
out to Me, and I will hold you close, and wipe away your tears. Trust Me
with your loved ones. Live peacefully with everyone to the best of your
ability. Remember that I am your strength. Watch your words, as those who are hurting will take things the wrong way. If they would only look up, they would see that I am all they need.

I have given you joy and peace. I am your strong tower and refuge. You have tried Me, and found Me faithful. I alone give you abundant life. I alone am your healer. Praise Me. Talk to Me often, for I am right here with you. I know your every desire, your every need. I am perfecting you daily, shaping you into My image. I love you, My child. You are precious to Me. Keep on keeping on. Persevere, for I have given you the keys of the kingdom. Walk in My joy.