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I am Here Waiting For You
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"I am Here Waiting For You"

My dear precious child, I have seen you fretting and worrying about what you should do next and so far nothing seems to be working for you. You have gone from door to door trying to see if that is the right avenue to go forward, but none of them seem to be your way out. You have been crying out to Me wondering where I am and what you are supposed to do next and I would tell you now that there is indeed a door open for you where I will speak to you and that door is through intimate fellowship with Me.

I would call you to come to Me in prayer and seek Me and you will find Me because I am here waiting for you already. Be fully obedient to what I have called you to repent of so that you will not be ashamed when you come before Me. You and I must develop a closer communication between us so that I can guide you in the challenging days ahead. I have planned many miracles and kingdom assignments for you so it is very important that you be able to be more closely and accurately led and directed by Me.

You asked for My power long ago so that people would believe when you preached to them and I have been preparing you for many years for this very thing. My power and gifts flow through obedience and through daily fellowship with Me so be willing to come and develop a closer relationship with Me. I know that you have tried to do this in the past but this is a new day and a new place in Me. If you will come before Me daily I will indeed speak to you very clearly because I am here waiting for you now.