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I AM faithful to do all that I have promised
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I AM faithful to do all that I have promised

My dear and faithful servant, you have waited long and you have sacrificed all to follow Me, and you did not even withhold your most precious things from Me when I asked them of you. Like My faithful servant Abraham who withheld nothing from My hand, you also brought your most precious things to My holy mountain and sacrificed them to Me. And even though you had tears in your eyes and a heavy heart, you still trusted Me and were obedient to give up everything in order to follow My calling.

Now it has been a long while and like Sarah you have waited patiently, but also like her in your heart some doubt has been starting to creep in and create problems for you. Now because My grace and sense of presence has been decreased you have nothing but faith alone to hold onto, and that pleases Me because even now you have not let go of My promises, or stopped following Me. I have done this so that your faith would rest upon who I Am, rather than just in what I would or would not do for you.

I would call you this day My love to rise up and put your faith back on for I am rising up and I am now moving on your behalf to bless and restore you. I have had everything carefully planned out from the beginning. It so pleases Me to bless you My love and I have just had to prepare you so that My blessing would not become a hindrance or distraction to you once you saw it manifest in the flesh. Now, I have purified your motives for wanting My blessing and and I have made you truly ready to receive it.

Let go this day of looking at what I have done for others, and just know that you stand alone in My eyes ready to be blessed and restored by Me. You do not know or see all that I have to do to prepare My other servants for what I place into their hands. What I have called you to do has required a much deeper preparation, and a greater level of maturity. Know this, that I Am powerful and faithful in all I say and do. So trust Me this day My love to be faithful to do all that I have promised I would do for you.