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I Am Able to Keep and Restore You
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I Am Able to Keep and Restore You

I have felt the sorrow and mourning in your heart, because you have said "I am too old now, and my life has been all used up in this wilderness, it is too late for me to ever be restored or used". I would tell you this day, that I am able to keep you, and restore you no matter how many years you have spent in this wilderness. And you will see, that your end, will be so much greater than anything you could have built through your own plans.

I am even able to slow your aging and keep you fertile, even as Joshua and Caleb were kept young and strong through their long years in their wilderness time. I am also able to put lands and finances into your hands, that are already established. I am able to give you offspring, even as I did for Abraham and Sarah at their old age. I am able and willing to do for you, what I did for My servants of old who also placed their trust in Me.

Know this day, that I am the God who is able to keep and sustain. I am the God who creates everything from nothing. Do not look for your answers through human ways, but rather look for your answers through My power, and My ways. Trust in My great love for you. Would you withhold any good thing from your children? I just had to grow you up first, so that you would be responsible, and have the right motives for receiving it all.

So, know this day, that you are not too old, and you are not too broken or used up, for Me to restore and use in this harvest. These years you followed Me were not wasted in vain. I deliberately restricted you from advancing in the world, so you need not feel guilty, or wonder if there was something more you should have done, but didn't. I understand all you have lost and sacrificed to follow Me, and also what you need to be restored. I AM the God who is able to keep and and restore. Now, trust Me to the end, no matter what.