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Humbled To Be Exalted
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Humbled To Be Exalted

My dear one, I have seen you grieving over your life because of how different it has been from most others people's lives and what you were denied. But I would tell you this day that you were humbled in your life so that I could one day exalt you to a place of great service by Me to help many people just like My servant Joseph was. My servant Joseph suffered a lifetime of humiliation and rejection to prepare him for the great office he would one day occupy that would end up saving and helping many desperate and needy people. He bore great humiliation and reproach to do My will.

So you too have lived a lifetime of restriction, rejection, and painful loss, but I would tell you that it is not because you are cursed, but rather because you are just being prepared to be raised up to serve at a high level. I have called you to walk in My power and in My blessing and these gifts require great humility and genuine submission to Me alone. Just because you have not yet seen my blessing does not mean that it will not come because it will indeed come very soon. Be encouraged this day My loved one and grieve no more, for you will soon rise from the dungeon to the throne room.