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Honor For Disgrace
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Honor For Disgrace

My dear one, you have had to bear a lifetime of restriction and reproach, but the day has now come where I will trade your disgrace for honor, and your shame with favor. You must understand that these difficult circumstances were only allowed in your life in order to shape your heart and character into My heart and character so that I could help many people through you. I know how humbling this process has been for you, but it is only the truly humble that I exalt, because any pride left can spoil everything.

I have heard your many sighs My love, and I have seen the many tears roll down your cheeks over the painful situation you have had to live in for so long, but I want you to know that I have not forgotten you, nor have I cursed or rejected you. What you have gone through is the same thing that many of My faithful servants throughout history have gone through to gain Me. There are many stories of faith yet to be added to My book, and in these last days you will see many mighty people of faith and valor.

I will do all I that I have promised for you, and I will vindicate My work in your life before those who have wrongly judged and ridiculed you. Only be humble My dear one and show love and mercy where it would be easy to say I told you so. Use all that I bless you with to preach My gospel and to lead those in need to Me. Fear not, for you will not go forward in lack, but rather you will go forward full of every good thing that you need. Take new hope, for this is the day that I trade honor for disgrace in your life.