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Honor and Blessing

My dear faithful servant, I am well aware of the depleted state that you now exist in because of the wilderness. I know you feel broken and spent and too used up to ever be restored, but you are thinking in human terms. I am able to take your used up life and breath new life into every area that appears to be very dead and lifeless. I am able to take your apparent dishonor and shame and turn it into great honor and blessing.

You sacrificed your life when you went into the wilderness and now you know that that death is very real and very deep. You have lived like a ghost still in a body able to view your life passing by you but actually this was not death but rather transformation. Like the caterpillar you have stayed in a cocoon, but now you have been completely changed into a beautiful spiritual butterfly that will indeed fly and be shown off by Me.

Though you have felt ugly, old, and used up, I can transform your life in a day and change everything. Have faith that I want to do this for you, not just for others, and that I am very aware of your suffering. You are not small, but rather you are spiritually tall. Did you honestly think that I would just leave you in your cave to die? I would not! Be obedient and take fresh hope for I will indeed give you honor and blessing very soon.