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Healing Is Coming

My dear one, I placed My desire into your heart and gave you a word many years ago that I would one day flow through you with My power to heal the sick. This word is still alive and will in fact find its fulfillment in your life very soon. I know that right now you are also in need of healing, and I want you to know that healing is indeed coming for you, and through this miracle you will receive greater faith to pray for many others.

You have been heavily restricted most of your life so that I could shape My heart in you and share my compassion with you for those that suffer, and I even used some of your problems to hobble you so that you would settle down and not be able to run off when things got tough. Now your preparation is complete and you will be fully restored and empowered in every way so that you can be totally ready for the work just ahead.

Pray for all that I send to you and I will indeed heal them. Preach the great message of My salvation and kingdom to all who see, hear, and experience my power to heal. Trust that healing is coming for you very soon and that this is not your day to die, but rather your day to live and be healed so that many others might also be healed. Rise up this day My love and receive by faith the fulfillment of My words of healing for you.