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Hang On To Your Faith!
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"Hang On To Your Faith!"

My dear one, you are about to see the fulfillment of many promises that I gave you long ago, but the evil one is trying to tempt you right now to let go of your faith by pressuring you to compare your life to other peoples lives around you. This is a critical time to hang on to your faith and to not give up because your miracle is right at the door and you can trust in My great faithfulness and love for you no matter what you may see, think, or feel. Comparing your life to other peoples lives around you will just cause you to lose your peace because I have deliberately dealt differently with you in order to prepare you for your calling which included many restrictions and hard trials.

Just because I have limited your life in order to shape your heart does not mean that I do not want to bless you, or that I have forsaken you. Even my servants David and Joseph had lives that were very much different than those around them and they too were tempted to doubt Me, but they held on to their faith and were greatly blessed in the end by Me. I would call you today My loved one to hang on to your faith in just the same way and do not doubt that I want to bless you because I do. Continue to get rid of anything that blocks our fellowship and draw close to Me right now. I want to you to come closer right now and not further away, so hang on to your faith and be blessed.