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Hang On To My Promises

My dear precious child, I gave you a number of promises as we set out on this long road together many years ago, and you have held on to these promises for a very long time even though many things have happened which have tempted you to let them go. But I would say to you this day to hang on to My promises, for surely they will happen soon enough. My words always come to pass for those who believe and do not doubt.

Even as My servant Abraham waited for a very long time to see the fulfillment of My promises, he did not let go of them or Me. He cried out in anguish to Me and I heard him the very first time he prayed. I have also heard you the very first time you asked Me, and I granted this prayer long ago. I just had to prepare you to be able to receive this thing so that it would not harm you or others, or become an idol or burden to you.

What you have sought cannot be accomplished in the natural. You have despaired when you saw each chance in the natural for your miracle to happen, but the timing was not yet. I saw your tears and I felt your pain and disappointment each time, but you see, My promises are fulfilled through faith and not through your ability or earthly plans or means. You had to understand this truth from your heart, and now you do.

Rejoice My love, for great will be your joy in the day that I do all that I have said that I would do for you. Receive all that I have promised you My precious child, and know that I delight in blessing My children. As you now know, My blessing takes much preparation with many difficult trials and many deaths to the vision. But you must not be afraid to believe again, for what I have promised you will surely happen quite soon.