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Give Them My Love

My dear one, you have prayed for My power for many years now and so this is right because I have placed those desires within you, but what I want you to give people the most is My love. You see, all of My gifts work only with My love mixed in with them so always allow My love to flow through. When you truly love people with My love then they are attracted to Me, and not just to what I can do for them.

When My love flows through you it will give you all the desire and energy that you need to serve others. Look at those you love already; you do the right things for them because you love and value them and you try to stop yourself from doing things that hurt them. It is good that you pray for My power, but I want you to remember first and foremost that My love and Spirit are what will draw all people to Me and save them.

Be of good cheer My dear one, for indeed My power is in fact coming to you and will flow through you to help many, but you have to want it for the right reasons. My power flows on My terms and in My timing in order to reveal My glory and to draw all those involved to My salvation. I have been reshaping your motives and purifying your heart so that all will be right. So once again My dear one, go forth and give them My love.