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Get Ready To Be Launched

While in prayer the Lord showed me a large rocket rumbling on a launchpad and it looked like it was eager to be launched. The rocket finally took off and it flew until it appeared as though it was going to come down nose first into a large farming type of field. The field looked like it was at the end of it's growing cycle and that it was nearly ripe and ready to be harvested. But there was still some brown patches from no rain and some produce that had not grown to maturity even though the others had. As the rocket came down the nose exploded with fire and people and the fire and the people landed all over the harvest field. As soon as the peoples feet touched the ground they were all very busy and the fire engulfed them like a suit but did not consume them. Wherever they went the produce was set on fire and brought to maturity and health and then harvested. The people had harvest bags full of produce when they reached the end of the field. These harvest bags looked like they were four stories high, if not more. That was the end of what I saw, and this is what the Lord then spoke to me.

My child, you have been brought to a place of maturity and purity and I am about to empower you and to send you out into My harvest field. I realize that you do not feel very mature or pure right now, but I see you differently than you see yourself and your sanctification has been created by My work, so I know when you are truly ready. My grace will help you with these last few remaining things that need to be made whole.

Get ready to be very busy because people are in great need of My power and glory and great will be the demand for it in these last days. There will be great opposition at times, but I do not want you to bear the weight of My work alone. Allow those whom I join you with to help you and do not try to do it all by yourself. Just keep following and obeying My words and daily directions like you learned to do in your wilderness time.

I will also restore, bless, and heal you as I send you out and great and many will be the miracles you will experience in the days just ahead of you. Do not be afraid to step forward as I now begin to open new doors of opportunity for you. Great will be the abundance of your harvest. So My love get ready to be launched out because ready or not, your day has come, and you will indeed be given new marching orders very soon.