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Get Back Up!

My dear one, you have taken some brave steps lately and you are breaking out of old things that have bound you, but you have also suffered some setbacks and the enemy of your soul is trying to discourage you and convince you to give up and stop trying to change. But I would tell you My child to get back up and try again because you are indeed making progress and you will get the victory this time if you try again.

You do not know how close you are to complete victory My love and the enemy is afraid and on the run, so draw your sword now and pursue him until he is completely destroyed. I am calling you to walk in complete holiness and obedience and I will show forth My kingdom life through you. You will become an example to others that complete victory over sin and the flesh is possible through My grace and strength.

What was in the past will be no more and you must not give in to what you see, but rather you must refuse to accept the lies and defeat any longer. You are My beloved child and you will conquer in My name, and the enemy is afraid of what I will do to him through you so he is trying to intimidate you. This is your day to succeed, not fail, so I would tell you again to get back up, try it again, and the victory will be yours this time.