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Forward March

My dear one, can you sense a change in the spirit realm? I am sending out my Spirit and my angels to begin new works and to set My people in order by rank and file to get ready to march forward together as one. This is a day where everything will be made new and all that is of the past will be no more. This is a day of many new connections and new people being joined together to plunder the camp of the enemy. This is a day of great abundance and joy as My power and My word act like a sickle to bring in the sheaves of souls that have been made ripe and ready to be harvested.

Though you have seen few changes for so long, now you will see many changes happening at once, some of which will feel uncomfortable to you at first, but know that I am with you and I will lead you forward with each step that you take. Stay in the rank that I set you in, and stay in step with the others that march around you. The unity of My spirit will call out the cadence and orders to know which way to walk. Keep your eyes straight ahead and do not allow old things to distract you or to break your stride. Rejoice my child, for this is your day to rise up and march forward into your destiny.