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Fall In!

My dear one, the call has gone out throughout all of My kingdom for all of My faithful soldiers to fall into their assigned places for immediate service in My great harvest. It is time to drop everything that you have been doing and to come without hesitation or distraction into My holy formation made up of those who are truly ready for battle. You must be completely committed to letting go of all sin, and to walking in full obedience.

I know you have heard My call and you are now making your way into the ranks, but you must hurry for this call is very urgent. All those who come with a full and complete commitment will experience my best. My power will be poured out upon all who fully and completely give themselves over for absolute service in this harvest. There is no time left to delay or prepare, so come right now because the door will soon be closed.

It is time to leave behind all that hinders and distracts, and time to commit yourself fully to the great day of battle that is at hand. There is a vast harvest to reap and all who come to me now without any conditions or limitations will be used in a great way. Do not delay in running to your place in the ranks for there is no time left to wait. So My love come and fall in, for My power will flow through all who take their proper place.