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Face to Face

My obedient servant, you have been faithful to minister to everyone that I have asked you to, and you diligently learned how to minister and fellowship with other people electronically through the Internet. This has been a good benefit for everyone and it has helped you through your wilderness time to remain fruitful. It has also helped you to become more connected to other people who are in the same situation as you are.

But now my love, I will be shifting you to more of a face to face type of ministry where I will flow through you in power and many people locally will find My salvation and miracles through you. You will also be traveling more and you will be connected to people face to face there that will be brought together for ministry to distribute My power and resources to the needy, and to live together as one large spiritual family.

You and I will also be having more of a face to face relationship as you learn how to better connect and communicate with Me through intimate prayer. You will be working with My servants the angels who will help you to do My will in this harvest. You have longed to have a face to face relationship with Me because I have longed for that with you. Live holy, for your life and ministry are about to become much more face to face.