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Embrace Your Future

My dear one, I had you deal with your past in order so that you could come to terms with it, let it go, and then move forward. I wanted to make sure that things were finally settled so that you could move ahead into your future and commit your heart and life fully to the new things I want to bring into your life. I want your focus to be on the here and now, and not on the painful dark things that have held you captive from your past.

It is time for new joy, not for old sorrow, so do not lay down in your past anymore because only darkness and death remains there. If you remain there you will also die, so you must get up and start walking forward into My light, and into new life, and new happiness. Why hang onto your past?, what lies there is only an illusion because those things are nothing more than a memory, they have no real life in them anymore.

Those things that you have clung to from your past that I still want to keep in your life are actually waiting for you ahead not behind, and they will meet you as you step forward. My heart was never to take things from you to make you sad, but rather to take you aside and change and heal you so that I could give you many things to make you happy. So my child, step forward into My light, into life, and embrace your future.