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Do Not Trust In What You See, Trust Only In Me
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Do Not Trust In What You See, Trust Only In Me

My dear one, I realize that your circumstances have gotten worse and not better lately, and because you are weary you have been tempted to just give up your hope and go back to find some other way to make your life work again. But you must know that the evil one has come in like a flood lately just before I move in order to try to discourage you and drive you into despair. I would tell you this day My love, do not trust in what you see, trust only in Me! I am never limited by how bad things may get.

Do not give up your faith and trust just before My hand is ready to move on your behalf My dear one. I have been well aware of all these other things that are important to you, and those things are very important to Me as well. I am also well aware of all that you have sacrificed to follow Me. I do not keep slaves in My kingdom, but rather loving servants, so do not think that all I care about is what I want you to do for Me. I have felt all your heartaches, and I have heard each sigh and cry that you have made.

This is a day when My people need to praise, worship, and thank Me no matter how bad or hopeless things may appear, and I will do mighty miracles for you if you do. I made the whole universe, so do not think that your problems are beyond my ability to fix them. But the development of your faith is what I have been working on for so long and not these other things. I had to remove every distraction from your life in order for you to focus only upon learning, growing, and repenting of all that limited you before.

Try to just understand that it has been your spiritual growth and maturity that has been the most important thing during these recent years. These other things had to be set aside for a season until you were completely ready. You are so close to the end of your preparation now dear one, so do not give up or give in to depression or despair. I will do miracles for you no matter how bad things look or get. So do not trust in what you see, trust only in Me, and I will fulfill every good promise that I have made to you.



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