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Do Not Fear, You Will Cross Safely
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"Do Not Fear, You Will Cross Safely"

My dear child, you have come to the edge of your promise land but now you are facing some obstacles that seem to block your path forward. I would tell you this day that just as I cleared the way for my people to cross the Jordan river safely into their promised land, so I will miraculously clear away what blocks you from going forward into all that I have promised you. Only know this my dear one, I still require you to continue to trust Me in this difficult hour and to continue to have faith in Me and to stay the course no matter what you might see challenging you right now. Have I not carried you safely thus far? Have I not fed you day after day? Yes, indeed I have and I will continue to do so. My faithfulness does not change just because your life does.

I know that you are weary right now and that you feel like you don't have even one more "trust" left inside you, but I would call you to receive My faith this day and My strength this day. I would call you to put on My armor and to receive My battle plan for the road ahead. Your strength lies in Me alone so take courage this day and receive fresh faith and strength from Me. Come before Me in your quiet place and let Me calm the turmoil and fear you feel inside you. I will be faithful to you no matter what you face my love and I am stretching your faith at a time when you feel like you don't have any left. Put your shoes on and be ready to cross as I tell you to, for surely I will clear the way before you and great joy awaits all those who do not give up in this final hour.