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Do not be dismayed

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Do not be dismayed

I know you have seen the evil things that have been taking place in the Earth, and you have seen evil men apparently succeed in their evil plans. I have watched your eyes widen, and your mouth drop open as you viewed it. But I would say to you this day; "Do not be dismayed, or fearful because of evil men, and their evil deeds". Not even a molecule can move without my knowledge. I am aware of all things great and small.

When a righteous nation rejects Me, and turns away from Me, I allow my protection to be lifted just enough to cause them to turn back to Me. But remember, I do not utterly forsake them; I still control what happens, and I am ready to receive any nation that humbly turns back to Me in true repentance. I will surely help them, and rescue them. I only allow enough trouble, to help them to see their need for Me; I provoke them to repent and return to Me. My intention is always redemption, remember that.

I will do whatever is necessary to help a nation, or just one person to repent. My plans are perfectly thought out, and I know the outcome of each decision I make. I also care about those who would commit evil; some are truly evil, but most of them are just ignorant, and deceived by the evil one. They are sheep that need the Great Shepherd. I want all people to come to know Me. "All People, All People, All People!".

I know how to move upon a nation, or even one person that cries out to me for revival. I have surely heard your prayers and groanings to see revival, within yourself, your family, your nation, and the whole world. My Great Harvest has already begun, and I would call you to allow Me to finish preparing you completely, so that I can use you to help the greatest amount of people in this Harvest. Live completely and consistently in holiness, walk as I walk, and do as I do. Do not compare yourself with others, but rather compare yourself with Me; I am your Father. There is no time to waste, things are moving forward rapidly. I rejoice in giving you all the good things you need to succeed.

I would call you to pray for those who commit such evil, so that I can help them, and save them. Pray, Pray, Pray! Bring your fear and anger to My alter, and allow Me to replace that hurt with My love. How can you help them with such pain inside your heart? Come to Me, and let Me heal your wounded heart. Ask Me to fill you anew with My Love, and My Spirit. I love them, as I love you. You were once lost, even as they are lost now. I can save them, just as I saved you; believe this. As I once had mercy upon you, I would call you to have mercy upon them. Who else will?

Trust in Me, that I AM fully in control of everything, and that everything I do, is for the benefit of the individual, and mankind as a whole. Trust in My power and sovereignty; Trust in My good intentions; Trust in My great love and approval for you. I am with you, and I am working in the earth to bring salvation to all. All. Trust in Me, and do not regard the evil deeds, that evil men do. Do not be dismayed by evil, but rather, let Me use you to create good. I am coming soon, so be very courageous, and do not fear.