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Critical Juncture

My dear one, you have reached a critical juncture in your walk with Me where you may be tempted with depression, discouragement, and unbelief, because it seems like nothing is happening in your life right now, and that it is too late for you. Evil spirits have been trying to exploit this time of transition in your life to create doubt in your heart concerning My faithfulness, but you must reject these lies and continue to trust in My love no matter what you do or do not see happening in your life right now.

Even as Abraham and Sarah were given a promise for a son they were still tempted later in life to doubt Me when the promise didn't come at the time that they thought it should. But nevertheless I was faithful to them and I will be faithful to you in just the same way. Guard your heart and mind with My word and remember My promise to never leave or forsake you. Right now you will have to fight to hang on to my promises just like Abraham did, so be found trusting and not doubting when I fulfill My words.

My words are faithful and true and those who do not doubt them are blessed. I know you are weary of believing for things that never seem to happen, but you must learn to trust in who I AM, and not just in what I do for you. My timing is perfect. Come and seek me at this difficult time and listen closely for My voice. Worship Me right now even though you do not feel like it and you will break through your clouds of doubt and enter My realm of joy. So My love, continue to trust in Me at this critical juncture.