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Command It To Go!

My dear one, you are facing some serious problems right now and you have been crying out to Me and begging me to come and help you, but I would tell you this day to command this problem to go and you will be free. I have given you My authority to command all that is not of My kingdom to go but you must rise up in faith and do it. I know how desperate your situation and need is right now but I am trying to help you to stand up and step into the authority I have given you to receive what you need in life.

Though your faith seems weak right now I would tell you to stand and to command this problem to go, rather than laying down and giving up. It doesn't matter how many times you have tried to command it to go in the past for I am doing new things in My people right now and you are ready to move up to a higher level of operating in My kingdom. If you lack faith and strength then ask Me for it and I will grant it to you. So My child I would tell you once again to stand up and command this problem to go!