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Come Closer

My dear one, I have spent years repairing the foundation of your life by giving you revelations of the truths of My kingdom. I have taken you up higher and allowed you to see My kingdom more clearly, and now you know that the ways of this world and the things that people pursue in life are not as relevant or important as you had believed. Now you have reached a place where you have stepped away from the world, and you are longing to step closer to Me and to the realm that is truly your real home. I want to encourage you this day My love to indeed come closer, for I am here waiting for you.

You now stand on the firm foundation of truth and righteousness that I have built in you, so what I can do in your life will not be so limited. Now you are ready to come up higher, and ready to go deeper, than you have ever gone before. Now what you long for is not only what I can do for you, now you just long for Me. And I also long for you, because it has been Me all along leading you here and creating this hunger inside of you to know and see Me as I truly am. I hear you knocking at My door right now and I want you to know that I will indeed open it up for you to come in, so do not give up.

You have climbed a very high mountain day by day throughout these long years of preparation, but know this day that it is I who sits at the top of this mountain waiting for you to come and fellowship with Me. Come and seek Me in prayer and be willing to wait before Me longer and I will indeed reveal Myself to you. This was the purpose of My creating you, so that you would know Me and walk with Me even as Adam walked and talked with Me in the garden. So My love, I beckon to you to come closer for the way is not shut to you. The door to My home is wide open so come now and enter in.