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Believe In My Goodness

My dear one, I have seen your discouragement and disillusionment lately, and I have felt your pain and disappointment, and heard your words of questioning My goodness. I would tell you this day child to trust Me all the way to the end of this. My people in the wilderness long ago had a hard time trusting Me because first they were slaves all of their lives, and then they faced the hardships of the wilderness which made them easy prey for the evil one to sow discord and discontentment in their hearts. They chose to grumble, complain, and accuse Me of wrongdoing, when all I was trying to do all along was to bless and help them.

I realize My dear one that your life has seen less blessing than most other people around you, but it is no different of a life than I gave many people who have done great things for Me throughout history. When I call someone I begin to shape their hearts very early in life, and yes there is a contrast between their lives and the lives of those around them. But you must trust in My ultimate good, and that even though you have not seen much of My favor and blessing yet, it doesn't mean that things will be like this forever. I have planned to bless and use you in a great way from the very beginning, so do not lose hope now at the very end.

The choice is yours My love, will you trust Me to the very end, or will you give up and give in to hopelessness and despair? Get up this day from your bed of mourning, grieving, and crying, and dry your tears. You have seen all of the good things I have done for you on the inside to prepare you, so trust that My motives are to bless you on the outside as well. I know that you just need to know this day that I love you, and that I value you like I do My other children. Settle things in your heart this day to serve and trust in Me all the way to the end of this My love, and believe in My goodness and desire to bless and use you in your life.