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Believe Again!

My dear one, you have reached the very threshold of My promise being fulfilled in your life, but now you have become too afraid to believe again because there has been so many times that you thought it would happen, but it didn't. I would tell you this day My love not to be afraid to believe again, because My words always come to pass when the time is right, and when the person I am blessing is fully prepared to receive what I want to give them.

There is no safety or blessing in doubt My dear one, even though you think it will protect you from being hurt again if you just push it all away. Even Abraham and Sarah were greatly tested because the fulfillment of their promise seemed to take forever, but they hung on until the very day that their promise was staring back at them. You too must hang on even if you are afraid to, because you will need what I am going to do for you in order to fulfill your call.

Rejoice this day My love, because you are not My slave, you are My precious child. But because you are My child, I am very careful not to bring things into your life until you are truly ready. You know much better now just how what I do through you can affect other people's lives for the good and bad depending on how you use it. So decide today My love to believe again and to walk forward out of your cave of doubt. Believe, and I will indeed move.