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Be Earnest And Repent
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Be Earnest And Repent

My precious child, the day has come where you must completely set yourself apart and walk fully obedient before Me. If you fully repent then you will be greatly blessed, but if you persist in rebelling against Me, then you will face a more severe correction than you have ever experienced before. I realize that this is a more serious word than usual My love, but the days ahead will be perilous, so My people must learn to walk in complete obedience, or I will have no choice but to correct them along with all the others who walk in disobedience.

Even as My people were corrected in the days of Ananias and Sapphira, so the day has come once again for a more severe correction in My house. Do not be made an example of what happens to the disobedient My love, but rather be an example of those who fully repent and then walk in My full power and blessing in these last days. The day has come where My people must learn to walk fully in the ways of My kingdom, so make the choice today to turn away from all darkness for good this time, and to walk totally in My holiness and light.

I have given you all the time, revelation, and understanding that you have needed in order to repent, and I have been very patient with you throughout all these years. I have shown you much grace when you sinned, but the day has come where you must indeed repent, or face the consequences of those who stubbornly choose sin over obedience. I would call you this day to choose which side of the camp you will stand on. Obedience or disobedience. Be on the obedient side and be blessed and leave the side of the disobedient who will be punished.

You have made so much progress already My love, so do not take this as just a critical or condemning word, but rather I am admonishing you to make a full and lasting commitment to walk in complete obedience, rather than just being mostly obedient but yet still reserving a few private sin idols that you run to when things get tough. Even My people in the land of Canaan destroyed most of the idol shrines of the land, but they still left a few of them up in the high places. Be like My servant Josiah and tear down all of the high places in your life.

I will have a pure and holy Bride in these last days who will walk in My full power and love, and no longer will I tolerate any sin, idolatry, or continuous disobedience in My people. You can either believe me now, repent, and be greatly blessed, or you will soon see that I am not exaggerating in the slightest, and be counted with those who continually break My laws. My heart is to bless you, not correct you, so choose obedience now. Be earnest and repent My love, and if you do, you will receive My blessing and power, and avoid any further correction.