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Be Chosen

My dear one, as I have said in My word, many are called, but few are chosen. Things like sin, idols, unbelief, unforgiveness, and other things prevent some of My called children from maturing and overcoming, but I have worked very closely with you and I know that you can be one of those that are not just called, but indeed chosen to be used in My great harvest.

Lay aside now all that has hindered you from before, and break away from everything that has prevented you from being chosen in the past. This is a new day with new opportunities to be obedient to Me, but know this, the time has come where all must decide whether they will be chosen or not, and you must make the firm and full decision right now to be chosen.

Look no longer to the past or to what is behind, but look only to the present and to all that is possible to those who will live fully obedient to Me. You have the potential my dear one to not only be called, but to be chosen as well, so take the final steps necessary to qualify for this status in My kingdom. You will not be sorry if you do, so My love, be one of My chosen.