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Always Mix It With My Love
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Always Mix It With My Love

My dear one, there will be many busy days ahead that will involve many different people. Some of these people will be nice and they will add to your strength and your ability to do my will, other people will not be so nice and they can drain you of your strength and have the effect of hindering your progress if you let them. But I would call you to mix everything you do in the days ahead with My love because my love is the foundation for all that happens in My kingdom. When you walk in my love with everyone you will always do things from the right motives and you will never need to figure out how to treat each person, it will just flow from you naturally and effortlessly.

Do the works that I call you to do and flow with My Spirit and My love. Allow other people to do their part and do not try to accomplish your work or theirs by the power of your flesh. You will know when you are in your flesh when you lose My peace and strength, and your ability to do the work will suddenly seem missing. You must stay filled up with My love and you do this by spending daily intimate personal time with Me and by letting Me fill you afresh with My power and virtue. I have told you that My yoke is light and that My burden is easy so do not bother trying to add things to the load I give you. Staying obedient and filled is more important than staying busy.

Remember My servants Mary and Martha and how each of them tried to serve Me in different ways. You will receive your strength to serve by sitting at my feet, and then your work will not seem so draining. What can you really give people beyond what I give you anyway? Nothing lasting. I operate a kingdom that runs on My love and My power even in the midst of turmoil, so walk in My love and stay strong. I am the Vine so receive my daily nourishment in order to bear fruit. No matter what you do, who I ask you to help, or how they might treat you, always mix what I call you to do with My love and you will stay filled and full of everything you need to do what I call you to do.