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A True Overcomer
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A True Overcomer

My dear one, you have had a difficult and challenging life full of seeming denials and disadvantages compared to other people, and lately you have been looking at your life and feeling like you have accomplished very little. But I would tell you this day My love that what I have been developing in you inside is much more valuable than what you could have accomplished on the outside. You see, I have helped you in life and I have caused you to be an overcomer with a wealth of experience and faith that I can use greatly to help many others. You have been given great spiritual riches where many other people are spiritually poor. I have shaped My heart in you and that is priceless.

Now the deep foundation is complete in you and I can build the high building I have planned to build through you. Though your life seems empty and broken I have caused you to overcome all past pain and sin and you will be used mightily to testify and help many others who need the same help that I gave you. Rise up this day My love from your death bed and realize that it is time for a miraculous resurrection in which I will live through you. Do not see your life as less than other peoples lives because it is what is done in the human heart that really counts and what will last. So do not grieve over what you do not see in your life, but rather rejoice that you are a true overcomer.