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A Stable Foundation

My dear one, I want to comfort you this day with the knowledge that all I have been trying to do for you, is to create a stable foundation for your life so that I can build very high upon you, and flow through you with My power. You are not cursed or thought of as less valuable by Me just because your circumstances are much more restricted than that of those around you. My heart has always just been to help you by stripping away the old house that rested on top of your damaged foundation, and then by repairing all the cracks in that foundation.

There is no need to look at the other houses that are standing around your bare foundation My love, because I have caused your foundation to go much deeper, and the end result will be a much taller building later on. Plus those other houses you have focused on have cracks and damage in their foundations, just like yours did. Once I see a consistent obedience and that the cracks are truly repaired, I will begin to build a beautiful new house on your finished foundation. If I built on a damaged foundation, the great weight of that home would destroy it.

Help Me dear one to put the finishing touches on your foundation, and try not to be sad or discouraged just because you are weary at the end of it all. Come to Me and let Me refresh and restore you, rather than complaining that you do not have a house upon your foundation like others do. Once I begin to flow through you with My mighty power, many people will be inspecting your foundation, so I just want it to be right, especially for your sake. So trust Me My love and just know that My heart all along has only been to give you a stable foundation.