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A Season Of Many Releases

My dear one, for a short while now you have been in a season of many changes, but now you will be entering a season of many new and exciting releases that will reinvigorate and restore you in many ways. I will be releasing many things in heaven, and many things in the earth in order to accomplish My good will for mankind, and to harvest the souls of those who would respond to My calling. Though you thought your life was over, it will now begin again.

I will in the days ahead be releasing you from certain things that you have been involved in for a while now, and I will also be releasing My power to heal and perform miracles at the same time. I will be revealing new paths to you that were right in front of you but were hidden until you were ready to walk in them. Many of the things I now do will astonish you because they will be things that come completely from Me alone, and not things that you worked for.

Give Me this day My dear one your full obedience and make a complete commitment to walk in consistent righteousness from now on. You must never again return to those things which brought you death before, and you must now walk fully only in those things that bring you life. This is your day to receive some of your reward, but some things I will do simply because I love you. So My dear one, expect to walk in a season of many releases now.