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A New Road Begins

My dear one, you are at the end of the road after a very long leg of your journey, and although you may feel very broken, spent, and weary right now, I am coming with new life and fresh strength to begin a new road that is about to appear. This new road will not be like the old road you are leaving, but do not forget all that you have learned from your journey on the old road because it will help you to make proper decisions in the days just ahead. You had to complete the old road first in order to begin the new one.

The evil one has been tempting you to leave your post right now and to go back and try to rebuild your old life because nothing ever seems to be happening for you. But understand My love that I cannot build on a foundation until it is completely sound and repaired from any damage that could cause what I build on it to collapse. You must remain at your post and just know that although you do not understand what I am doing, I do, and I know that all this hard work will lead you to My power and blessing.

This new road has many new and wonderful miracles waiting for you. These mighty miracles will be things you have long waited for, and some of them will leave you with your mouth hanging open because you will even be surprised at what I do. Know this dear one, that I greatly love My children and I long to bless them all the time, but I am limited by what is healthy for them and for those around them, so I wait just like you would wait for your child to grow up so that they can be responsible with what I give.

Right now you are seeing your used up self, you feel old and finished, but you must understand that I am the God of new life and it does not matter how you feel right now, it only matters what I am able to do to restore and refresh you. Do not give up or try to go back right now dear one because you are sitting at the finish line and you just need to stand up and walk across it. Trust in My love and do not wait until I move to praise Me, for just as I was with you on your old road, so will I be with you on this new one.