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A New Foundation

My dear one, I have seen you grieving and lamenting over your old life and how it appears that you have accomplished so little on the outside, but I would tell you this day My love that you do not fully see all the good and necessary changes I have made on the inside. I allowed the visible house of your life to crumble so that I could fix and repair the foundation that it stood upon. Now you stand on a new foundation.

Before we began you did not see all of the cracks and damage that had been done to the old foundation of your life, so I had to shut everything down to show you so that you could fully appreciate the need to change. You do not realize how much I have built Myself in you and how much of the old damage has now been repaired. Now you stand ready for Me to build upon the new foundation that's been created in your life.

I realize My love that the evil one has been tempting you to focus upon the rubble of your old life that lies around you, but I would call you to look down and see the new foundation you are now standing upon. Do not entertain the lies that say I do not care about you or want to bless you, because I surely do. Continue to keep your faith and focus upon Me and do not doubt Me, for you now stand on a glorious new foundation.