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A New Blessing Comes
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A New Blessing Comes

My dear one, I have seen you grieving over some of the sacrifices you have made for Me because now you realize that some of them are permanent and they will not be returned to you in the way that you wanted. But you must know My love that I saw all of this beforehand and it does not affect My plans to bless and use you in this world. I know your heart was deeply set on having your blessing fulfilled the way you wanted it to be, but I also know what is really best for you and others involved in your blessing.

There has been a sharp contrast between your life and those around you where you think you look like a failure and this is just not true. Success in My kingdom and success in the world is vastly different. My goal has been to change and heal your heart so that I could greatly use you in the earth. If I had given you some of the same blessings that you see others have it would have just distracted and slowed down the progress I needed to make in you. I know it has been a long time but change is here.

Although I did bless Job with more children and things that he lost he was still not given back the original ones and he still missed them at times. Your life was shut down long ago so that I could prepare you for My power and the great harvest, but that day is ending now and I am granting you brand new life. The blessing that I give you in place of what you feel you lost will be much more satisfying and wonderful than you can imagine. Trust in My love and faithfulness to you because a new blessing comes.