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A Brand New Life

My dear one, you have lived a certain way for a very long time in a wilderness type setting and now you have reached the end of this long process of change and things feel very dead and desolate to you, but I am about to give you a brand new life. I am the God of springtime and I cause what looked dead to suddenly have new and fresh life and I can do the same thing with your life. You see things through your own ability to change things which has nothing to do with My ability to change things.

I am going to be giving you fresh and new assignments that will inspire you and give your fresh zeal to go forward. I am going to be visiting you and filling you with a fresh infilling and anointing of My Spirit that will make your spirit enter a springtime of your soul. This is a day of fresh and new things my child so look to what I can do rather than what you cannot do. Though things have been a certain way for a very long time dear one they are about to change, and all that was old will be replaced with the new!