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Why We Sin

I just wanted to briefly explain some of the basic mechanics of why we sin to help kind of shed some light on it, and take the shame and stigma out of it. It is easy to be religious and just say "Ooh, that's just sin Brother/Sister, and you need to just say no", but it is another thing to actually let the Holy Spirit help to get you free for real, by a new revelation of the truth. I would like to hear what your guys' thoughts and opinions are on this matter as well.

Usually when we are children, a number of traumatic things happen to us (molestation, abuse, abandonment, divorce, rejection, unmet needs, failures, death of a parent, selfishness, etc., you can fill in the blanks), so we develop a belief in our little hearts, and make an inner vow, that "Life is not safe, and the only one I can trust to protect myself, control my life, and meet my needs, is myself". We learn to become pleasure idolaters, and try to ease our unhealed pain with sin pleasure habits. We feel protected, medicated, and in control of any further harm.

We use pleasure to overcome fear, guilt, and old unhealed pain, and to feel a sense of control over our lives and any new pain that might come along. The problem is, eventually God will expose that sin because He wants us to re-trust Him to meet those needs (idolatry is just using or glorifying something to meet your needs in place of God, who rightfully should be meeting those needs). Plus things like porn, masturbation, drugs, drinking, profanity, dirty our souls and can be detected by others with spiritual discernment (especially our spouses whom we usually have a strong soul tie with), so it tends to keep us stuck and disqualified for spiritual service, and in some kind of trouble with someone.

In the wilderness, God will deliberately take us back to the original wounds and lies that the devil sowed into our hearts and show us the truth. Then it is a matter of walking through and choosing the truth when we are freshly tempted. It's a process and doesn't happen overnight, but eventually you do see the immaturity of the behavior, and let it go. You may feel hopeless right now, but it is through your utter failure and surrender, that God moves and gives you the help you need. God can only work through volition of will, and many times we stubbornly try to beat it ourselves because we don't really trust God and want to think it was us that beat it