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When the Well Runs Dry

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When the Well Runs Dry

Sometimes just before a miracle happens, everything seems to get its worst. Your well of provision may suddenly mysteriously just run dry and you may be scratching your head wondering if you have done something wrong, or whether you need to do something to try to fix the situation. There may be some other issue involved, but we live in a time where there are going to be many miracles that God will perform to restore and establish His people in this last great harvest of souls in the earth. He wants us to have all we need for what He calls us to do.

If you have been in the Wilderness for a long time, you may feel weary right now and the idea of things getting worse right now may seem unbearable, but you must remember that the same God that led you into the Wilderness, will also be faithful to lead you out when you are truly ready. He will never leave or forsake you. God sets the stage for a miracle first by making sure we do in fact really need one, this can be unnerving to say the least, but all miracles take some faith. God also wants to make sure that He alone gets the glory for what He does.

So, though your well may be running dry right now and you are down to your last few drops of provision, do not worry, God is with you. If God wants you to sow into others spiritually, physically, or financially right now, then just do it, even if it seems like your last crumbs of bread. If you feel more comfortable fasting to hear from God then go ahead and fast, but remember, God just needs our faith right now, and for us to be listening in prayer. Remember His past miracles and that God will be faithful to you no matter what you are facing right now.