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What's That Smell?

PR 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

I want to talk about something briefly that really smells in God's kingdom and in ministry, and that is spiritual pride. Spiritual pride is basically just an overinflated view of our spiritual importance, ability, and value compared to that of others. It's not just thinking we are better spiritually than others, it's an attitude that we exist on a spiritual level that deserves service, worship, and abasement by most others around us. It is a stench that stinks to high heaven.

MK 9:35 Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all."

Sometimes if someone has had some blessing on their giftings or ministry they then start thinking that they are the be all, end all of ministry, and everyone around them are just there to support and help them, and very lucky to be able do so. This could not be farther from the truth because in the kingdom the most important person is always the person who is in the greatest need. We should always be asking God how we can serve others, not vice versa.

MT 23:12 For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

Self-importance and arrogance can creep into someones heart, life, and ministry very easily if they are overly praised or flattered by others, or if they have no one around them to help keep them grounded. One of the best ways that we can guard against this spiritual poison is just to ask God to fill us with His love for people on a daily basis. It's pretty hard to be full of yourself when you are full of God's love for people, so ask for more of it every day.

JN 21:17 The third time he said to him, "Simon son of John, do you love me?" Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, "Do you love me?" He said, "Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you." Jesus said, "Feed my sheep.

If God has given us the privilege of sharing in His ministry we must focus on how we can feed Jesus' sheep, and not on how they can feed us. You will find in the kingdom that the only Person that God really trusts and will promote is Jesus living through us, and not our flesh. We must decrease and allow Jesus to increase in our character and being. We must allow God's air freshener of humility to clear the stench of any spiritual pride in our life today.

JN 3:30 He must become greater; I must become less.

Here is a prayer to pray of you need it:

"Father I ask that you would forgive me for any spiritual pride or arrogance that I have allowed to stink up mine or other peoples lives. Please cleanse me this day of all spiritual pride and help me to see myself, others, and you as we truly are, and not just as I would like to see us. Help me God to live a truly humble and loving life here on earth, and to serve and feed your sheep as you would want me to. I ask this in Jesus precious name, amen."

1CO 4:6 Now, brothers, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us the meaning of the saying, "Do not go beyond what is written." Then you will not take pride in one man over against another. 7 For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not?